Vintage Variety and Burlesque show, Stardust!


Where Old Hollywood meets Vintage Las Vegas! 

Created by singer Jennifer Keith, “Stardust” is a classic variety show in the traditional burlesque sense. The hot 5 piece band be led by Mando Dorame features ace musicians from famed Royal Crown Revue. Songstress Jennifer Keith, with a history in Vegas lounge entertainment, harkens back to an era of glamour and timeless melodies! Eddie Clendening with a rich background touring and on broadway is sure to wow audiences! Add in glittering burlesque dancers who specialize in the sexy yet tasteful 50’s and 60’s art of the tease! This makes for a recipe that will transport audiences back to an era where live entertainment, top notch singers, musicians and beautiful women were at the center of both the Sunset and Vegas strip! What separates this show from others is the attention to detail and authenticity of the music, right down to the vintage instruments and bona-fide vintage attire from personal collections! Audiences will be transported to a different era! This is a show that has not existed this level of authentically in years! Stardust is a nod to the icons that put the art of live entertainment on the map! Songs made famous by Sinatra, Louis & Keely, Peggy Lee and Bobby Darin will be brought back to life in an exciting new way! This show will dazzle all who experience it!


Stardust at Cicada Club in Los Angeles.